WP1 - Long term performance of hybrid structures 


The long-term mechanical performance of the adhesively bonded joint is evaluated under representative operational and environmental conditions. The investigation plan focuses on understanding and predicting the coupled effect of applied load and environmental conditions, thereby reflecting the influence of the real conditions in which the hybrid structure operates.


A test and simulation pyramid is conducted, beginning with material coupon tests used to determine the material properties, followed by structural details and components (full scale joints). To meet the Class Societies’ requirements, at each level relevant test types are carried, under static and fatigue loading, aged and unaged conditions and different temperatures.

Advanced simulation models (coupled sea water diffusion-mechanical, multiscale, cohesive models) are developed to predict the behavior and failure of hybrid joints under environmental and mechanical fatigue loading, which will be validated by the experiments.

QUALIFY- pyramid.jpg

Double lap test (blue: adhesive; black: CFRP; gray: steel)

4 website.jpg

Dogbone tensile test results of Scigrip adhesive