QUALIFY sessions at Meeting Materials, M2i Conference, 15th December 2020 (FREE Admission – Registration Open)

QUALIFY (Enabling Qualification of Hybrid Structures for Lightweight and Safe Maritime Transport), co-funded by the INTERREG 2SeasMers Zeeën Programme, aims to remove the technological and regulatory barriers that currently prevent the widespread application of hybrid primary structures (metal/composite) in the maritime industry.  

The combination of steels and composites in adhesively bonded structures can reduce weight while preserving strength, leading to lighter and stronger ships. 10% weight reduction triggers a reduction of up to 7% in fuel consumption. The potential savings, along to the manufacturing advantages, have motivated the shipbuilding industry to explore the use of adhesively bonded hybrid joints in primary structures, capable to withstand high loads and guaranteeing safety.

The main objectives QUALIFY is set to tackle are: evaluate the long term structural performance of the adhesively bonded hybrid joint under representative operational and environmental conditions; develop a reliable inspection and maintenance methodology for adhesively bonded hybrid joints; develop a procedure (guidelines) for the qualification of adhesively bonded hybrid joints in primary structures in marine applications.

The results of the QUALIFY project will be disseminated at the Meeting Materials Conference, online event, organised by M2i, 4TU.HTM, and Bond voor Materialenkennis.    

Please join us for the QUALIFY sessions at the Meeting Materials conference, online event, on 15th of December. The conference is open for registration with FREE admission. The  program can be found here . We are looking forward to your participation.