QUALIFY project was featured at FIBRESHIP workshop on 14 July 2018 in London

The First public FIBRESHIP workshop was hosted organised by Lloyd’s Register in London with representatives from the FIBRESHIP project Advisory Board, Industry experts, IMO, MCA, co‐coordinators and representatives from EU RAMSSES, Interreg2Seas QUALIFY and E‐Lass projects. The main aims of this workshop were: to communicate and enlighten each other about the project objectives and work progress; Identify possible technical areas of collaboration; facilitate possible exchange of technical information: identify further common dissemination activities


Jesus Mediavilla (M2I), as project coordinator; and Marcel Elenbaas (DAMEN) as shipyard representative, presented the QUALIFY project at the workshop. They also exchanged feedback with the other projects; discussing how to exploit synergies in order to maximize their impact, possibly creating common future standards, lobbying with the regulators and in engaging in common dissemination activities.