Interreg2Seas midterm review event - Ghent

Interreg2Seas Ghent.jpg

The QUALIFY project participated at the Interreg2Seas midterm review event in Ghent, on 25 and 26 of April.   The main focus of this event is to showcase the 2 Seas cross-border project achievements that were delivered to date.


The event consisted of an an exhibition, were all 68 projects were on display, along with thematic and technical workshops.  Some of the results of the Qualify project were displayed at our stand, where participants to the event could learn about it. Com&Sens FBG sensing technology for structural health monitoring drew great interest from the public.


Qualify was represented by Dr. Jesus Mediavilla Varas (M2i, lead), Geert Luyckx (Com&Sens),  Reddy Devalapalli (Lloyd’s Register), Rahul Iyer Kumar and Pankaj Jaiswal (UGhent).


Dr. Mediavilla was one of the panelists,  who explained the main achievements of the projects and the benefits of cross-country collaboration.